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Little Things, T4G, and Lyrics

The past week has been one of randomness for me! I have been in new places in KY, down to TN, reading, working, eating out, hanging out with friends, chilling, enjoying the beautiful weather, etc. These have been some thoughts:1. … Continue reading

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Packer on Owen’s Death of Death

I was told once in seminary that I might have some books on my shelf that I will never read cover to cover. You may just read one chapter of this one, one chapter of another – and that is … Continue reading

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Easy Cobbler

I’ve been making this Robshaw staple since halfway through college and it has always been a success. I personally like the apple filling better than the peach – but make what you want – either way it is simple and … Continue reading

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Hudson Taylor 1

I am doing some reading in Spiritual Secrets – the life of Hudson Taylor – missionary. It is one of the best missionary biographies…in the same ballpark as Jim Elliot’s and Adoniram Judson’s. Good stuff – for anyone – not … Continue reading

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2000 and Beyond Me

Well – I have hit the 2000 mark in views. There is no way to tell how accurate this thing is – but hey, I’ll take it. I hope some of you have gotten something out of this blog over … Continue reading

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I’ve been thinking about this word a lot this week (and its been a long drawn out week for me and its not over). Sunday afternoon I’m looking forward to taking a nap – I think?!Anyway, I love change. Always … Continue reading

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Ps 27

I have gotten in the habit of waking up, getting some breakfast (whether its homemade waffles or pancakes or a bowl of cereal), sitting down in my big over sized chair, and flipping on my iPod player. This morning was … Continue reading

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