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Stephen Foster – Suwannee River

I love the Suwannee River. I grew up going there all the time with my Papa (Mom’s Dad), he taught me how to drive a boat way before I could drive a car, taught me how to slice potatoes for … Continue reading

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Summer Reading 2008

My friend Courtney Tarter offered the suggestion of a reading list this summer. I thought I would take her up on it. I wish I had done this more when I was in seminary, but I didn’t. I love to … Continue reading

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NewAttitude 08: The Word

What a great day. Spent it with two other wonderful ladies here in L-ville, and we went to the Sovereign Grace Ministries New Attitude Conference. For those unfamiliar: NA is a conference for college, singles, and young marrieds. This year … Continue reading

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Legacy of Sovereign Joy – John Piper

Hands down – these (the swans are not silent series) are my favorite Piper books. 4 books contained 3 biographies each of church father, pastors, authors, theologians, etc who have set the bar high for us doing in ministry in … Continue reading

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Doctrine of Original Sin

Ok – folks, I need some feedback.In a fall I would like to teach a short segment to lay women about the doctrine of original sin. What are your thoughts? good books? questions?Thanks in advance for any help! Colossians 3.16 … Continue reading

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Re:Think Conference 08 – Wrap-up

Well, I wasn’t live blogging this event, but blogger supreme Alex Chediak was, so I’m not going to reinvent the wheel. He did a superb job. But, I do want to highlight some points that stood out to me. This … Continue reading

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reTHiNK: Steve Wright

I figured I would read this book (look to the left) now that I’m heading to the conference tomorrow. I’ve ordered tons of these and heard much about it since mid-fall here in L-ville. Steve Wright, student pastor at Providence … Continue reading

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