Reading and Journaling…

I know most of you will read the title and think this post belongs on the other blog – but no, it does belong on here.
I love to cook. Want to be a better cook. I don’t really like cooking for one, but if I want to get married someday, I need to use this time of singleness in becoming a better cook and also serving others with my food.
So…I’m reading and journaling. Not like a food intake journal they tell you to keep in order to lose weight (1 banana, 7am, 100 cal), but one that talks about the taste of the banana, etc. I want to know and appreciate the food I put in my dutch oven and oven and eventually on my plate and in my tummy. I want to become a better food writer.
I am reading a book I’ve wanted to pick up for a while: Alone in the Kitchen with an Eggplant. And, no, I don’t like eggplant – the one veggie I’ve tried that I just don’t like (give me pink eye purple hulled peas any day and I’d be happy). But, this book has already made me laugh and I relate to much. It is a series of essays written by different people.
What a fun topic to write about!


About kimddavidson

I am bought with the blood of Christ and being graced every day to know Him more. I am a writer. Love to read, run, hang out, watch movies, cook, bake, work hard/play harder. God is so abundantly good to me.
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