Menu Week: Oct 5

This will be a rather normal week – with good things on the menu this week!

Taco Soup – corn muffins
Chicken Salad
Balsamic Roasted Chicken on mixed greens
Creamy Mac and Cheese – Cooking Light Recipe
Somewhere for lunch with Brandi on Friday
Recipe of the week will be a pumpkin muffin.
Hummus, carrots, crackers
Black Bean Chilaquiles
Corn tostada with egg – from Foster’s Market.
Going apple picking on Saturday – so I’ll definitely be making something apple-y for dinner on Saturday night while I watch the LSU/UF game. We’ll see.

Happy eating everyone!


About kimddavidson

I am bought with the blood of Christ and being graced every day to know Him more. I am a writer. Love to read, run, hang out, watch movies, cook, bake, work hard/play harder. God is so abundantly good to me.
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