Workouts while sick?

I am sick. I hate being sick. The whole body hurts, sore throats, ears. Life must go on right?

So, I had finally gotten back into a track interval/yoga workouts and then this. But, it just hurts to do anything – mainly keeping my head up!

So, what do you do when you are feeling sick?

About kimddavidson

I am bought with the blood of Christ and being graced every day to know Him more. I am a writer. Love to read, run, hang out, watch movies, cook, bake, work hard/play harder. God is so abundantly good to me.
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One Response to Workouts while sick?

  1. Kari says:

    They say working out is good for you while you are sick, but if you are achy I always think rest should be chosen first. If you feel up to it maybe just walking, but I wouldn't break a sweat doing anything. Your body is trying to fight something off, and it needs all of your energy to do that. That's all I know. 🙂

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