Yoga/Kettlebell Routine (Shape September)

One of the perks of living with a roommate is when she gets magazines – you can read them. So, I retrieved the mail yesterday and found this great workout. I did it right away! I fell in love with kettlebells when my friend, Cynthia, showed me how to do them aver a year ago. Workouts in my living room – she and her hubs Ben are pros! Thank you C and B!
And I don’t know when I started loving yoga – but I do.
Both are great for different reasons so why not put them together?
This is what Shape does this month. They make a 15 minute quick workout that will definitely make your muscles sore and your heartbeat get raised. You can repeat it, but since I was going to workout again later, I felt one time through was fine.
I won’t give away the whole routine (hint: go pick up the magazine and buy a kettlebell while you are at Target), but I wanted to highlight some of them:
The KB Swing. This is done to start the routine then in between every yoga move. This will definitely get your heart rate up! (In writing, I know I’m not supposed to use the word this as a subject, but don’t grade my writing on my blog, please! 🙂 Anyway, I digress… I do 10 reps and switch arms. During my regular kb routine, I do 20 and switch arms, repeating 3 times. So, this is a little easier.
Half Moon with 2 weights. I supplemented the 2 weights with a 15 lb kb and an 8 lb dumbbell. It worked. This is definitely the hardest balance move of them all.
All of them are yoga moves with some sort of activity with the kettlebell. So, it is great for toning and strengthening. I’ll be using this move definitely in the next 5 weeks as I prepare to go to Jax Beach for a wedding!
Check out Shape!


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