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Proverbs 31 in October

Seminary is a great place for you to meet friends who will stay in your life. Lara was a sweet friend in seminary, and only recently, thanks to the wonderful social media network known as facebook, have we gotten back … Continue reading

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Chewy Chunky Blondies

One of my favorite parts of cooking or baking is when other people taste what I make and they enjoy it. It is their reaction and their enjoyment – that is precisely why I bake. For the joy of others. … Continue reading

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Blatant Marketing Lies

I’ve seen a couple of advertisements – both on the side of trucks – that have made me ponder, question, and then just reject because they were outright lies – without me even testing their products. Here we go: 1. … Continue reading

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Gary Thomas @ Providence: Sacred Parenting #3

Gary Thomas has spent the last couple days at Providence. If you want to follow his ministry you can do so at @garylthomas on twitter. The last session is on The Cost of Parenting. If you haven’t read his book … Continue reading

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Much & Link Love (September 27 Edition)

Rain – thank you for the rain. Its been raining non-stop since about 4pm yesterday and we have been in desparate need of it. 1. Hate being discouraged – not good for me. 2. Love having conversations with real people. … Continue reading

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Gary Thomas @ Providence: Sacred Parenting #2

The second session on Sacred Parenting tonight was about fears. Here we go: Sacred Parenting Session 2 – Gary Thomas Providence Baptist Church Raleigh, NC September 26, 2010 Mike led us in “Jesus Paid It All”. Again – the gospel. … Continue reading

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Gary Thomas @ Providence: Sacred Parenting Part 1

We have the joy of hosting Gary Thomas, author and speaker, here at Providence for 2 days. It will be challenging. I pray that this live blog will be a blessing to you, especially if you are unable to be … Continue reading

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