October is here!

I love fall. It is definitely my favorite season. I see little glimpses swirling around on the ground (pretty red leaves that have already fallen). This is a busy month – and this will be an ongoing series – at the beginning of each month – to highlight some activities, prayer requests, food adventures, traveling, etc. Here we go:

1. Continuation of leading My Evening Walk Bible Study with a group of young women at pray dot org. This happens every Monday night. We are going through Beth Moore’s Paul study. Next week we are having fellowship night – pray for the ladies to continue to build relationships that will last past April (when the study ends).
2. More photo shoots this month. I’m excited about learning more. Two this weekend.
3. VACATION! Actually, half vacation half writing. I’ll be gearing up for the next quarter of curriculum. I’m heading to the Denver, CO area. Staying in Dillon. Hiking in Boulder, the Rocky Mtn National Park, Hanging Lake. Eating in Boulder which is the Bon Appetit #1 foodie upandcomer in their latest edition. Can’t wait. Meeting with a church staff to talk about our Treasuring Christ Curriculum and what is going on in CO in the world of Family Ministry. Seeing a sweet family of church planters and a long-lost friend from high school.
4. Dr. Bruce Ware is coming to pray dot org on the 24th of this month to talk about the Trinity and Evangelism. It will be great. If you are in the RDU area you don’t want to miss it – email me at kim@pray.org for more info.
5. College retreat in VA is this month. I’m going up to take pictures and hang out with some great college girls.
6. Working on a few writing projects outside of work.
7. Gearing up for a half marathon on Turkey Day – that means more running – that means less of something else. hmmmmm
8. Outer Banks Biking trip. I’m heading down to the OBX the last weekend of the month to bike from Nags Head to Duck and back and camp out. Should be great weather and a wonderful 24 hours!
9. Heading to Charlottesville for bagels and hiking in the beauty and fall colors that is Virginia. Hope to get over to the grounds of UVA while I’m there this time too.
10. The Sorghum Festival – I know – this will be great fun. Can’t wait to get some wonderful goodness to do some fall baking!

That is my October. As you can see it is FULL. And that is how I love it! What will November hold for me?

About kimddavidson

I am bought with the blood of Christ and being graced every day to know Him more. I am a writer. Love to read, run, hang out, watch movies, cook, bake, work hard/play harder. God is so abundantly good to me.
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