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Do Hard Things

This post actually has nothing to do with the Harris brothers’ book by the same title. But, as I was thinking of titles for this blog, that is what came to mind. Others that came to mind: Things I Learned … Continue reading

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Memorizing Scripture?

I’ve been thinking much about this the past few weeks, more in terms of how it is done/why it is done more than if it should be done. I grew up attending a Christian school where I had to memorize … Continue reading

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Day and Night

Something new…being obedient to all the Psalms that command us to meditate both day and night on the Word.Psalm 1 is a good place to start. Well, I am finally obeying it. In his strength, for His glory in my … Continue reading

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B90x Update

Some of you may recall that back in January I started B90x – a reading plan from Elevate Church in Charlotte for reading through the entire Bible in 90 days. Started off well, like most New Year’s Resolutions and Bible … Continue reading

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Redeeming the Time (Guest Post)

I don’t know of any woman (single, married, young, not as young, with kids, no kids) who will tell me that she is not busy. We have iPhones, calendars, outlook, post-it notes, etc to help keep us organized! Unfortunately, every … Continue reading

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Winner’s Mudhouse Sabbath

There is more to this book than just a cool title.My friend Janel had this book at her apt when I went to visit in January. I had just started reading through the Bible doing B90x (which I’m still doing … Continue reading

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Choosing Gratitude Part 2

Honestly, the reason this blog follow-up has taken so long from the previous one, is because this book got tucked away in a bag and I just now found it.Well, here are some quotes from the newly released Nancy Leigh … Continue reading

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