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John Starke on Encouragement for Single Young (Frustrated) Women

Thank you my friend. I so appreciate your heart and direction in responding to us, especially after most of us just read Owen’s letter earlier this week. Ladies – John is so insightful and right on target with these. I … Continue reading

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Much & Link Love (September 20 edition)

1. Its a new day! 2. I love Mondays for new beginnings. 3. Traction – its a good thing 4. What are you pressing toward? 5. This week is going to be great and busy: a. Premiere week: NCIS, Criminal … Continue reading

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Jaron and the Theology of Country Music

Ah – the joy of learning your theology from country music.  I love country music – but this song made me want to puke – but I was in a rental car so I didn’t think that was such a … Continue reading

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Cast Net Fishing Prayers

A few weeks ago I traveled to the beautiful part of Western North Carolina for a prayer retreat. Many things are happening with family, friends, personal, etc and hearing Mary Kassian definitely was a highlight (as well as just being … Continue reading

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God’s Good Providence

I read a quote on someone’s facebook status yesterday that went something like this. “If we look to God’s providence instead of God’s promises for the base of our faith – then our faith may crumble.” This would be one … Continue reading

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Advent 2008.4: Indestructible Joy and Cell Phones

I’m loving seeing how God works these readings into the very things that I experience on that day. Today’s readings are no different.JP refers to the gladness or eternal joy of Jesus. “Jesus himself – and all that God is … Continue reading

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Psalm 69 and Prayer

Lately I’ve been reading through Ephesians for my quiet times, but last night I had no desire to read it. So, I did something different. Sometime yesterday I read a blog on Psalm 69 – so I thought I might … Continue reading

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