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Female Theologians and the Church (Guest Post)

There is a really sweet couple in my life who I have had the privilege to minister with, get to know, hang out with, serve with over the last 8 months. Brittany is a joy and a blessing to me. … Continue reading

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Teaching Theology to Children

Dr. Ware (SBTS) was kind enough to speak in our Parent and Family Discipleship staff meeting this morning. We wanted him to speak on the task of parents and church to teach correct theology to children (see his book Big … Continue reading

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Dr. Bruce Ware on the Trinity (Live Blog)

Dr. Ware, a gentle, meek, humble, brilliant husband, father, professor, writer, speaker…is in town for the Acts Forum at Providence Baptist Church. How does your life reflect the Truth of the Trinity (that God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are … Continue reading

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Jaron and the Theology of Country Music

Ah – the joy of learning your theology from country music.  I love country music – but this song made me want to puke – but I was in a rental car so I didn’t think that was such a … Continue reading

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Community, Trinity, Love and DeYoung

Ever read one of those paragraphs…that you want to read aloud to whoever is in the room and it expresses a new way of thinking or a new way of understanding a complex thought? Sorta an “aha” moment.Here is one:I … Continue reading

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Book Review: Ware’s Big Truths for Young Hearts

Most people would not pick up this book and think of a seminary text book on theology (for example: Grudem, Erickson) – but this book is just as potent – just in paperback form! Having the opportunity to work with … Continue reading

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Francis Chan – 2 Things

Really like this guy more and more – as I read his stuff, listen to him preach (which I’ve been doing for a while) and just catching little glimpses of what he says. One of the things he is big … Continue reading

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