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More viewpoints on Duke

Ok – continuing on the last blog about Duke (which is where I work, that is ONE of reasons why I’m so interested in this). Also, The Summit Church is doing Focus on Hope and this is one of things … Continue reading

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duke lacrosse

Well, I thought I would comment on the Duke Lacrosse thing:1. You are innocent until proven guilty – one of the backbones of the judicial system in this country.2. No, we don’t need to ruin the player’s character before the … Continue reading

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weekend, gators, in light of, psalms

As I am sitting here this morning, I was thinking of the title of my blog. Even though I don’t always talk about the Word, proper…everything we do in life should be in light of the Word and our relationship … Continue reading

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randomness and psalms

Been taking a slight break from my reading plan, but tonight will do some catch up in the Psalms. I’ve gotta go back and do Luke here eventually. Probably not this weekend now as it will be kind of hectic, … Continue reading

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AP list, frazzled, and Sex 180

OK – looking at ESPN this morning, the AP list for b-ball players this year. Not wanting to take away from the players who are on there…but did anyone notice that only 2 players from the Final Four are on … Continue reading

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One day Jesus

I love how certain songs seem to stick in your mind all day once you’ve heard it (like it’s a small world). But this one is great. We’ve been singing it in choir practice for a while, and the day … Continue reading

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GO GATORS!!!Now, the stupid thing about living in NC is that you will be listening to the Gator game (not to mention that it is the Elite 8 game, in the 2nd half) and all of a sudden, the radio … Continue reading

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