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Cream Cheese Thingy (Danish)

No pictures – but I thought I’d give you the recipe for a great breakfast or brunch treatAs I’ve been calling it todayCream Cheese Thingy (really danish would be a good word here) 2 cans crescent rolls1 egg – separated1 … Continue reading

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Carolina Cafe

I really liked the one in Chapel Hill. The atmosphere and people are nicer than the one in Cameron Village in Raleigh.www.carolinacafe.comI went with one of my girls last night. Had a coupon, but then she treated – how cool … Continue reading

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Saturdays are partly made for music and sports

Why can’t every day be a Saturday? Or even a Friday night. They are soon becoming my favorite days. Its the first job in a while that I’ve had where I haven’t been on call. So, I’m not worried about … Continue reading

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Tigers, Fighting, Reading, Striving

Yesterday – just b/c I didn’t want to blog right before going to bed b/c it was late.Auburn got a run for their money down in Cock land. It came down to the last play – sorry Steve, try harder … Continue reading

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I promised sugar cookies – so here is the recipe. These are some ones we decorated for Christmas when Michelle was here. This is her recipe. I was always scared of sugar cookies – and she made them so good … Continue reading

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United States, North Korea, and Religion

I found this article today on my yahoo site. Good article. I agree with them some. Read the article – then hear me out before judging.Yes – there is an absolute that GOD is God and Jesus is the only … Continue reading

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Olive Trees and Controversies

In Ps 52, he describes a contrast so clear. Evil – productivitiy from being in God’s presence. Which one am I right now and which one do I want to be. What is in it for me to be the … Continue reading

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