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WORLD magazine on politics, religion, gay marriage, and culture

I was able to flip through a World magazine today and several articles caught my attention, and I thought I would elaborate on them here. “Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold” – Joel BelzGood article on how much we want … Continue reading

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Convergent…or Converging…that is NOT the question

This past weekend, Southeastern Seminary hosted a conference about a popular topic (or an unpopular topic) – the Emerging Church. It was called the Convergent Conference. Some key people in this discussion were present on the campus of the old … Continue reading

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New CBMW Site and Blog

Since about 2000, I have been greatly influenced by the ministry of CBMW: Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood. Their ministry in teaching, producing, and highlighting the Biblical foundations for gender roles has influenced my teaching and understanding of Scripture … Continue reading

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Simple Hospitality

At a friend’s home this weekend (where hospitality is done so well), I picked up a book called Simple Hospitality by Jane Jarrell. I love reading about this discipline, even though in a dorm it is very hard to practice … Continue reading

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a day in the life of a college football fan

Wow – what a day in college football. If you have tivo’d any of your games and don’t want to find out how they end – watch them, then come back! 🙂 Gators – with so many STINKIN’ penalties (I … Continue reading

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Intimacy with Jesus and Powerful Hymns

Today’s chapel was very good. The preaching, but I stuck mostly on the call to worship verses that were read. Kinda get a verse stuck in your head – then you go with that. All the music fit in with … Continue reading

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Prince Caspian

I have been working my way (very slowly) through the Chronicles of Narnia by CS Lewis. I finally finished Prince Caspian this evening – enjoying it very much. Here are some things that stood out to me: Sometimes the desparation … Continue reading

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