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Before the dawn

Ok – so I am a morning person, meaning I like to get up early, but i’m not really a social morning person. I need to get up, have time to myself, get going.Something I’ve always admired about my mentor … Continue reading

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Coconut Cake

Tomorrow is Dad’s birthday, and one of his fave desserts is Coconut Cake. Today Mom and I made him one. For my personal taste, the cake part was a tad dry, but it was still a great cake. Thought I … Continue reading

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9 Marks

Ok – so I stuck another book in there to be read this week. I read this in light of joining a nw church and my meeting with one of the pastor’s next week. I have been meaning to read … Continue reading

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what is your remedy?

So, tonight was the season finale of House – shocker even for most diehard HOUSE fans – but we’ll see what next fall holds.Then I was flipping through the guide to see what else was on. One of my fave … Continue reading

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Pursuit of Holiness

As summer officially begins today: I’m setting a new goal. Two books a week for the summer (through Labor Day). I can only think of two weeks that it might be difficult – a week where there is a wedding … Continue reading

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schedules and assumed authority

I’ve been thinking a lot about schedules this weekend. Since i don’t have a regular job and don’t have to be anywhere a set time and set days (mostly) it has been hard to really have anything scheduled (qt, exercise, … Continue reading

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hope not in the disappointment

I again needed the psalm I read today. After watching movies all day (some were an assignment for my pathways class for Sunday), some were just for fun…this is the exact psalm I needed – also to guide my journaling … Continue reading

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