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The X Factor

I’ve been in a thinking and writing mood – so that is what brings about so many blogs.The X Factor (not talking about high school math) – the Unknown Factor…why does it scare me so…why are so many people afraid … Continue reading

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What Do You Watch?

TV used to be such a big part of my life. I remember growing up watching the Cosby Show, Full House, Mets bball games, sports galore, Law and Order from before the time Jerry Orbach was in syndicate, etc. The … Continue reading

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God is so much bigger

Today has been a whirlwind of a day and I still am not going to bed – hopefully shortly though.The Word/Spirit has convicted of pride today.A new baby has entered the world and very early – so much prayer and … Continue reading

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Low Self-Esteem vs Pride

So, I’ve been reading and thinking through the book When People Are Big and God is Small by Ed Welch. Such a good and convicting book.Today is one of those days – not a self-esteem issue as it related to … Continue reading

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Desiring God – Prayer

As I continued to prepare for an upcoming DNOW in St. Augustine, I picked up Desiring God again and read the chapter on “prayer” – since prayer is a key component in our communication with God (communication is the DNOW … Continue reading

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Thoughts from church

Being prepared to enter in with a community of believers on Sunday morning for worship sure does help.I took the advice listed on the www to meditate on the passage that was going to be preached. I did – and … Continue reading

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Desiring God – Scripture

I picked this book up again today. It took me a while to read it the first time (back in college when Bobby suggested I read it). Now I pick it up and read a chapter here and there. There … Continue reading

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