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Oct 31, Ez 25-28

I’m so thankful that today, on All Hallow’s Eve – that you reign in the world and that nothing goes on without you knowing about it!25.14 – And people say that God is love (and that is all), but these … Continue reading

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Oct 30, Ez 21-24

21.17 – His fury is righteous and just. He set the standard and we do not follow it. We can never say that God is unjust or unfair in anything He does, because everything we get is grace.23.49 – Again, … Continue reading

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your Beauty was perfect

A lot of reading today – must have read it wrong yesterday or a mis print – oh well.16.14 – For your beauty was perfect through the splendor that I bestowed upon you. I do wish physically I could live … Continue reading

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Oct 28, Ez 13-15

Thank you jesus – my thoughts were his morning, what do i get to read. Thank you for energy and awakeness!13.1-7 – It is a risky thing to prophecy. To know that you are saying something the Lord has said … Continue reading

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At My House

9.6 – “Begin at my house” Lord – I pray that you would start (really continue) to reform Durham and bring your glory here by starting at your house. Convict sin where it is in us – your Body. Its … Continue reading

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Little later this morning – Oct 26, Ez 5-8

I’ve been getting up early and starting the day praying with one of my friends, but I was disobedient this morning and stayed warm and therefore fell back asleep. But I like being in the Word before going to work.5.8 … Continue reading

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Oct 25, Another Major Prophet – Ez 1-4

When i saw that this was next I said yeah! I immediately thought of ch 36, but show me some other good stuff in this book.1.28 – His response to seeing the glory of God (like so many others in … Continue reading

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