Current and Favorite Books

Amazon Wish List

Currently Reading (Either read, or get out of the ministry – Wesley)

A. Lincoln – Ronald White

Eat Pray Love – Gilbert

Why We Love the Church – DeYoung and Kluck

A Grief Observed – CS Lewis

The Problem of Pain – CS Lewis

Trusting God – Jerry Bridges

Her Daughter’s Dream – Francine Rivers

Kitchen Confidential – Anthony Bordain

Favorite Books: (will constantly be adding)

Biographies from Piper

Anything by Jerry Bridges, Carolyn Mahaney, Carolyn McCulley, Mary Kassian, Paul David Tripp, Melanie Jeschke, Francine Rivers, CS Lewis, Jane Austen, John Grisham, John Piper

Mortification of Sin

ApParent Privilege

When People Are Big and God is Small

Journals of Jim Elliot

To the Golden Shore

A Passion for God

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