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Where does this lead?

Read thoughts below Colossians 3.16 – Let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly.” Advertisements

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Piper, Sin, Psalms, and the Word

Well, praise God it is not Monday anymore. It is Tuesday (most of the times that comes after a Monday – )It was somewhat of a tough evening last night, dealing with sin, confessing it (again), knowing the need to … Continue reading

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Romance, Worship, Psalms 16-18

Oh, yippy – its a Monday. I know I totally live for the weekends. Not that I hate my job, and yes, I do ministry in the middle of the week too (probably more so). But on the weekends, that … Continue reading

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Sundays, the Body, Pride, and Psalm 12-15

Sunday morning is here.I love Sundays – really, they are my favorite day of the week.My pastor has started a series on 1 Corinthians (yes, he is an expository preacher – go figure). Check the link beside here if you … Continue reading

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kind of a john 4 story

This was also supposed to be in the blog below. This was taken one of the days we were shopping in my trip this summer. The reason we wore the jilbabs was that we wanted to be respected by the … Continue reading

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Learning to speak Thai

This was supposed to be in the blog below, but I don’t know what happened. This is at the leprosy colony outside of Chiang Mai. The word means kitchen. This picture will get printed and I’ll hang it in my … Continue reading

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a million little lies, truth, integrity, stars, and psalms

Good Saturday morning. this post will be in two segments because I probably won’t have time to do it all before friends come over today. I’ve also gotta clean a little bit, but nonetheless, it will get done.If any of … Continue reading

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