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31 Whole Days Challenge

Praise God April is (almost) over. Its been a great month, but not for the eating/exercising/weight part of it. May will be different!I love starting new things, having goals, etc.Happy Herbivore is doing this and when I saw it – … Continue reading

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Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Bars (2010.17)

Best thing I’ve cooked (new) all month. Great way to end April! We are having Joy Prom at Church tonight and these are for the hundreds of volunteers we will have: Makes 16 – not healthy at all (but very … Continue reading

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Couscous Chicken Salad with Vegetables (2010.16)

I really like couscous and I like chicken and I like vegetables. Thought this would be good. That’s about it – it was good. Here you go: This is from Easy Summer Meals (Cooking Light) 1 1/2 cup water 1 … Continue reading

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Taste of Raleigh: Bella Monica Flatbread Company

Italian food. Comfort food. There is a small, local Italian place within a 1/2 mile of home and I finally had a chance to go tonight. Definitely had to make reservations and had great company. I tried to be a … Continue reading

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Book Review: Ware’s Big Truths for Young Hearts

Most people would not pick up this book and think of a seminary text book on theology (for example: Grudem, Erickson) – but this book is just as potent – just in paperback form! Having the opportunity to work with … Continue reading

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Redeeming the Time (Guest Post)

I don’t know of any woman (single, married, young, not as young, with kids, no kids) who will tell me that she is not busy. We have iPhones, calendars, outlook, post-it notes, etc to help keep us organized! Unfortunately, every … Continue reading

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Taste of Mooresville: Lancaster’s BBQ

What kind of BBQ fan are you? Is it a noun or a verb? Do you like Memphis, TX, Sonny’s, Eastern, Western, TN, KY – so many people out there and everyone with an opinion on BBQ. Well… Here is … Continue reading

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