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Death by Love: Driscoll – Chapter 1

I took advantage of a free PDF given to blog world by Mark Driscoll for his book Death By Love and read it over lunch at Jersey Mike’s. Good sub: so much better chapter. This book, unlike any recent book … Continue reading

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Grateful FX – Thanksgiving 2010

My friend, Jennifer, over at Cornerstone Church of Knoxville (fabulous Sovereign Grace church, if I had to live in Volunteer country – this is where I would go) asked me to guest post for their singles’ blog for Thanksgiving. Here … Continue reading

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Living the Gospel: Marriage, Adoption, and the Rest of Life

This is me thinking aloud… There are some focuses right now in Christianity/churches that focus on being living, breathing examples of the gospel. These focuses are biblical and needed, and true. There is absolutely nothing wrong with these emphasises. One … Continue reading

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From a Pastor’s Wife: Life Questions Part 1

One of my genuine, humble, and passionate pastors I’ve ever had the privilege of serving with is Brad O’Brien. Then, the college pastor for the Summit Church in Durham, now the Campus Pastor of Summit Church West Club Campus. He … Continue reading

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The Seeming Oppression of Biblical Womanhood

“God is not distant. He knows how He will rescue you.” That was a quote from one of my pastors on Sunday in the sermon preached. I thought it was very applicable for this particular blog post. Most of my … Continue reading

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John Starke on Encouragement for Single Young (Frustrated) Women

Thank you my friend. I so appreciate your heart and direction in responding to us, especially after most of us just read Owen’s letter earlier this week. Ladies – John is so insightful and right on target with these. I … Continue reading

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Spindle Schmindle – P31.19

I wrote this for a friend’s Proverbs 31 Woman month on her blog, and I wanted to send it back over here. Even as I re-read it this morning and concentrated on the last two paragraphs, I love the gospel. … Continue reading

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